Data and Documentation

MRIP collects data throughout the year and generates estimates of catch and effort every 2-month period, which we call a 'wave.' Preliminary estimate and survey data are posted every 2 months. Final estimate and survey data are posted each spring for the previous year. A variety of tools are available to help improve access to, and understanding of available data.

  • Using the Data: A primer for using our data and selecting the appropriate data and tools for your purposes.
  • Queries: Menu driven tool for common analyses. Results can also be output to your screen or downloaded to a CSV file (readable by Excel and other programs). 
  • Downloads: Datasets are available in SAS and CSV format, and SAS template programs are available for download.
  • Site Register: An online database and mapping tool describing public recreational fishing sites on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.
  • Access to Metadata: Descriptions of MRIP data structure and content can be viewed, printed, and downloaded through the NOAA Fisheries metadata catalog.
  • Glossary: Describes options and terms used in our queries.