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Welcome to the Saltwater Recreational Data and Statistics query page. NOAA Fisheries maintains a searchable database of recreational saltwater fishing catch, effort, and participation data and statistics. Different types of queries are available to best meet your needs.

The queries are developed from common analyses, and may answer most of your questions. Users can select desired criteria (e.g. years, states, species) and view results in tables or graphically. Results of the query can also be downloaded to a CSV file (readable by Excel and other programs).  

Be sure to check out our data user FAQ and query video tutorial for information on data and query use and examples of common queries.

Additional data and information are available on our Data Downloads page.

Data Release Schedule - General

We have launched a *NEW* email subscription service for notification of updates to MRIP estimates, data, template programs and queries.  To subscribe, please click here.

Preliminary estimates of catch, effort, and participation are available approximately 45 days following the end of a sampling wave.

For details on updates to available data and estimates, please see our Estimate Updates page.

Preliminary Date
Available (approx)
1Jan-FebApril 15
2Mar-AprJun 15
3May-JunAug 15
4Jul-AugOct 15
5Sept-OctDec 15
6Nov-DecFeb 15

Final estimates are generally posted by April 15 of the following year. Please note changes may occur between preliminary and final estimates due to quality control checks or changes in U.S. Census data that may impact our calculations.

Data Release Schedule – Specialized Surveys

Preliminary monthly LPS catch and effort estimates are available one month after the end of each one month sampling wave from June through October. Final LPS estimates, along with HMS Catch Card estimates, are available in early January.

Learn more about our surveys and how we’re making improvements to them.