Effective information management and dissemination is essential to the Office of Science and Technology’s vision of serving as the trusted source of the scientific information and advice needed to ensure that Americans enjoy the sustained riches and benefits of healthy and diverse marine ecosystems.

Through analysis of collected data and subsequent processing of these data, users can better understand the results of surveys, studies and collected information. That information is then disseminated through tools and applications such as:  charts, summarized reporting, maps and info graphics. This contributes to efficient management decisions, education, research projects and public needs.

S&T’s Applications and Technology focus on dynamic interfaces that allow the user to obtain that information.

A sampling of our applications can be found below.

  • National Saltwater Angler Registry
  • SIS Portal The Species Information System (SIS)
  • Fisheries One Stop Shop
  • Voices From the Fisheries
  • Site Register
  • MRIP Data Management Standard (MDMS)
  • Socio Economic Impacts Tool
  • InPort
  • Tech Memo
  • Oil Spill Proposal Tracking
  • Highly Migratory Species
  • National Bycatch Report Database
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • FINSS - Survey Inventory
  • FINSS Protected Species Incidental Takes
  • Species Information System


The office of Science and Technology has a standard infrastructure to support scientific data management and application development. Read More.


The Office of Science and Technology is responsible for the editing, publishing, and disseminating (electronic and print) the NOAA Fisheries’ peer-reviewed scientific journals, professional papers, special publications (for Congress etc.), and technical memoranda. Read More.