MRIP Strategic Plan Review

MRIP Releases Five-Year Strategic Plan; Seeks Public Comment

The Marine Recreational Information Program has developed a five-year Strategic Plan that formalizes MRIP’s longstanding approach to improving saltwater recreational fishing catch and effort estimates. We are now seeking feedback from partners and stakeholders on the Plan.

Incorporating comments from scientists, managers, fishermen, and others is a critical step in ensuring that the Strategic Plan guides MRIP in a direction that will ensure the sustainability of recreational fishing today, and for generations to come.

We welcome all input, and are particularly interested in whether the goals, strategies, and tactics we’ve outlined are likely to meet partner and stakeholder needs, as well as achieve the mission and vision stated in the Plan.

To submit your feedback, please e-mail

Comments are due by June 30, 2017

Click here to view or download the Strategic Plan.

2017 Strategic Plan for Public Comment

Supporting documents

Hoshin X Matrix

A Hoshin X Matrix is a strategic planning tool that is used to ensure alignment among overall goals, strategies, tactics, and outcomes. It is also valuable for tracking progress and promoting accountability. The Xs and Os on the matrix indicate a correlation between corresponding rows and columns. An X indicates there is a direct correlation, while an O indicates an indirect or supporting correlation. 

Tactical Implementation Schedule

This spreadsheet provides additional details about the tactics outlined in the MRIP Strategic Plan, how they relate to one another, and the sequencing of events.