Information Management Team

The Information Management Team supports national-level recreational fisheries data needs, ensures data quality, and facilitates data accessibility for our partners and stakeholders.


Lauren Dolinger FewNOAA Fisheries, Office of Science & Technology (chair)
Gregg BrayGulf States Marine Fisheries Commission
Jason EdwardsPacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
Kimberly LoweNOAA Fisheries, Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
Vivian MatterNOAA Fisheries, Southeast Fisheries Science Center
Bill RombergAlaska Department of Fish & Game
Scott SauriNOAA Fisheries, Office of Science & Technology
Tiffany HopperTexas Parks  Wildlife Department
Geoff WhiteAtlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program
Laura JohansenNOAA Fisheries, Office of Science & Technology



MRIP Information Management Team Terms of Reference

FY2013 Funded Projects

MDMS 3.0

The MRIP Data Management Standard (version 3.0) will expand the system to focus on three specific areas: collect additional information management details and integrate with the NMFS Information Portal (InPort) metadata repository to fulfill increasing information management requirements, enhance project workflow and reporting functionality, and build a scalable framework to allow for broader use of MDMS for project and metadata management by other MRIP teams.

MDMS 3.0 Project Proposal

Vessel Directory

Currently, contractors and state partners maintain independent directories which are provided to the FHS contractor to reconcile for survey purposes. In addition, states are now required to provide a list of licensed for-hire vessels and vessel operators and owners to the NSAR. The new vessel directory will combine and reconcile data sources, as well as have tools for contractors and staff to edit and update vessel records. Changes to vessel information will be tracked over time. Sample frame tools will be added to provide streamlined generation and access to frames.

Vessel Directory Project Proposal


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has stored data collected through its Ocean Recreational Boat Survey (ORBS) in a customized desktop Microsoft Access database. ODFW is modernizing legacy data systems agency-wide to a SQL Server platform, which provides substantial improvements in stability, flexibility, and reporting capabilities. The current ORBS database imposes limitations on the types of data collected, stored, exported, and reported, and presents challenges when required to mesh with other data systems. ODFW is seeking funding in partial support for work on migrating the existing ORBS data system to SQL Server.

ORBS Project Plan

FY2012 Funded Project

Development of an Oracle System for the Southeast Region Headboat Survey

It is the goal of this project to transition the SRHS database to a complete Oracle system which will reside at the Southeast Fisheries Science Center (SEFSC), Miami, FL. This system would be a fully relational system incorporating the multiple components of the SRHS (logbook reports of catch and effort, reports of effort activity, biological data records and in time the new dockside and at sea catch effort interviews for verification of log reports), auditing and other quality control components, including data extracting (downloading) capabilities for offline analysis and use. Another goal of the proposed system would be to provide catch and effort information compatible (to the extent possible) for the MRIP estimates of catch and effort; thus the information would be electronically available for incorporation in national reports on recreational fisheries.

SRHS Oracle System Project Proposal

FY2011 Funded Project

MDMS 2.0

To fulfill the requirements of the NMFS Data and Information Management Policy Directive, Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP) will enhance the MRIP Data Management and Standards (MDMS) system to collect the additional metadata, while also providing project reporting support. MDMS 2.0 will enable and encourage MRIP program teams to efficiently manage metadata as projects are developed, while building on the MDMS database. MDMS 2.0 will minimize the increasing burden of documentation by combining report preparation and information management into one streamlined process, eliminating redundancy. MDMS 2.0 will also feature integration with the FIS/EDM InPort system to ensure that discovery level metadata is propagated to InPort and as well as full integration with the ST6 Centralized Account Management (CAM) system, which will allow NOAA personnel to access the MDMS system using their NOAA LDAP (email) user names and passwords.

MDMS 2.0 Project Plan

FY2010 Funded Project

National Query

A National-level recreational fisheries query will be achieved through seamless integration with the existing Fisheries Information Networks. The final product will be a publicly accessible website that provides tools for accessing and summarizing current National-level recreational fisheries data. The Information Management Team will collaborate with Fisheries Information System (FIS) project team members in order to incorporate the work and system functionality produced through FIS projects. Specifically, the National Query will be accomplished with the goal of being incorporated into the FIS Fisheries One Stop Shop (FOSS) once that system is available. The database for the National Query will be developed as a precursor to the recreational portion of FOSS.

National-Level Recreational Fisheries Query Project Plan