The NOAA Fisheries, Fisheries Statistics Division has automated data summary programs that anyone can use to rapidly and easily summarize U.S. commercial fisheries landings.

Fishery Market News

The NOAA Fisheries' "Fishery Market News" began operations in New York City on February 14, 1938. The primary function of this joint Federal/industry program is to provide accurate and unbiased reports depicting current conditions affecting the trade in fish and fishery products.

Market News takes the pulse of the market. Other services may try to diagnose the market, but Market News merely observes, records, and reports on current conditions. With offices located in Boston, Long Beach, New Orleans, New York, and Seattle the Market News service gathers and reports on a wealth of information. Barring unforeseen problems, the reports are updated by 3:00 pm (Eastern Time) on the day indicated. View the update schedule for the release dates of the following reports: Foreign Trade, Meal and Oil.

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