The NOAA Fisheries, Fisheries Statistics Division has automated data summary programs that anyone can use to rapidly and easily summarize U.S. commercial fisheries landings.

Survey of Fishery Products

The NOAA Fisheries conducts an annual survey of all seafood processors that operate in the United States.  This is the only comprehensive survey of the U.S. seafood processing industry and is the source of all regional and national statistics describing this portion of the industry.  Reports generated from these statistics include Fisheries of the United States and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's yearbook, Fishery Statistics-Commodities.  The data are also used for calculating annual United States seafood consumption, for determining the value added margins and consumer expenditures related to commercial fisheries, and in the assessment of the impacts of changes in fishery management plans and the impacts of natural disasters.  Industry trade organizations and members of the industrial and financial communities use the data to make business decisions affecting the fishing and seafood industries.