Time Series Metabase
An informational database of marine ecological time series.

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The Time Series Metabase is an information (i.e., "metadata") database providing details and graphical results from over 350 marine ecological time series.   The Metabase contains investigator and project contact information, sampling and methods details, and a collection of standardized summary graphics for each time program.

Below are some of the multiple ways to search and access the Time Series Metabase:

Interactive Map Interface

CLICK ABOVE to start your search at the Global level,
or select a sub-region to the right.

Use this interface to search within a geographic region, especially when you do not know a specific program or site name.   If you know a specifc site name, the searches farther below may be quicker.

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Site and Parameter Listings

CLICK ABOVE to search by region,
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This option lists times series grouped by their associated with an ocean region, associated country, or sampled variables.   (The maps in this interface are not clickable.)

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