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COPEPOD's Interactive Time-series Explorer (COPEPODITE) was born from a compilation of time series analysis tools and graphical visualizations developed in support of ICES and SCOR plankton time series working groups (e.g. ICES WGZE and WGPME, SCOR WG125 and WG137).   These tools were used to pursue the working groups' research as well as to produce the ICES Plankton Status Report series for the North Atlantic.   As work progressed, more and more tools were added to the toolkit, and more and more outside parties requested access to making similar figures for their own work.   An online processing and plotting interface was developed, and COPEPODITE was born.
METABASE: A global directory of marine ecological time series sites and continuous sampling programs.

The plankton and environmental time-series presented in COPEPODITE's METABASE come from COPEPOD's ongoing data management and time series analysis support for SCOR working groups WG125, WG137, and ICES working groups WGZE and WGPME.

The standard analysis and presentation figures shown in the METABASE site summaries were created using COPEPODITE's Time Series Toolkit.

Time Series Toolkit An online toolkit for time series analysis and visualization.
COPEPOD's Time Series Toolkit is a collection of time-series analysis and visualization plots developed by COPEPOD in support of various SCOR and ICES plankton time-series working groups.   This toolkit allows outside users to load their own data and quickly get a variety plots and results from the wide selection of tool modules developed in cooperation with these plankton working groups.   (These plots match many of those seen in the Interactive Time-series Explorer and Metabase.)

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The Time Series Toolkit uses components of the NAUPLIUS Spatiotemporal Data Toolkit to extract corresponding satellite, model, and data product data for the geographic region specificed by the user.  
Example Metabase map of zooplankton time series sites.
The METABASE provides information on over 340 time series sites and programs.

graphic showing the ICES WGZE map and status report
COPEPOD collaborates with the international time series community, creating published reports and exploration tools.

example output from the Toolkit
The Online Toolkit lets you explore your own
time series in a few easy steps.