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Example output from the current Toolkit.

The Plymouth L4 Time Series Example Data Set

View the Plymouth L4 results example
This page contains a "ready-to-use" example time series data file as well as an actual results package (generated by the Toolkit) showing the types of plots COPEPODITE can create.   Please refer to the Toolkit Overview for additional information about the layout and format decisions used in this example file.

The "Plymouth L4" data provided in this example are publicly available from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory / Western Channel Observatory web site (   If you use these data for anything beyond this demo, please grab a fresh copy of the data and properly cite the appropriate investigators noted in the PML/WCO web site.   (Note that the example data are not the most recent or complete content available from PML/WCO.)

The Plymouth L4 example data below were compiled from multiple individual original data files (available on the PML/WCO, BODC,and PANGAEA web sites) and then prepared into a single COPEPODITE readable format data file.   This single file was then run through the COPEPODITE system to create the example results also available in the links below.

View the Plymouth L4 results example

The results in this example were generated using the "Individual Station (Point)"b geographic mode, with latitude +50.2500 (North) and longitude -4.2167 (West).

All of the currently available COPEPODITE plotting modules (as of April 2018) were selected for this example.

You are encouraged to look at the format and structure of the Plymouth L4 example (CSV) data file and then look through the various plots in the Results Example provided here.   You may also want to download the example data file to your own computer and then try submitting them to COPEPODITE with your own selection of options (i.e., try a different geographic box, turn on/off certain plotting options, change the climatology windows).

CLICK HERE --> ( plymouth-l4_example.csv ) to get the Plymouth L4 example data in a COPEPODITE-readable CSV format.

CLICK HERE --> ( plymouth-l4_results/index.html) to see COPEPODITE-generated results from his Plymouth L4 example data.