NOAA Fisheries is the trusted source of the scientific information and advice needed to ensure that Americans enjoy the sustained riches and benefits of healthy and diverse marine ecosystems

Information and Statistics

  • Data collection, data management, and general purpose analysis.
  • Supports the stewardship of living marine resources.
  • Provides for the information needs of the government, public, and industry relative to NOAA Fisheries’ role as stewards of living marine resources.
  • Develop a National Information Gathering Plan that represents a long-term commitment by NOAA Fisheries and is implemented regionally.
  • NOAA Fisheries’ largest annual budget commitment.

Stock Assessments

  • Sound scientific basis for management.
  • Assessments provide scientific advice for resource management and policy.
  • Assessments are driven by managers and tailored to their needs.
  • The content and quality assurance of all assessments is the responsibility of the Office of Science and Technology and the field Science Center Directors.

Strategic Research

  • Long-range investment to improve NOAA Fisheries science program and ability to conduct assessments in the future.
  • Advocate a commitment by NOAA Fisheries to maintain a significant ongoing level of strategic research (e.g., 10% of its science program) as an annual investment.
  • Develop a Strategic Research Plan designed by a Strategic Research Team of senior scientific staff representing all of NOAA Fisheries and approved by the NOAA Fisheries Science Board.