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Diane Flynn
Commercial Fisherman-Active
Massachusetts, Northeast
Abstract: Ms. Flynn does inshore clamming from Bourne, Massachusetts. She also does bay scalloping, quahoging and oystering. She speaks about her experiences in the fishing industry.

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Topics Sub Topics
Role Commercial fisherman (captain / crew)
General Social and Cultural Characteristics Family, family roles, family organization , Gender roles
Social and Cultural Characteristics of Fishing Socialization, training to be a fisherman , Relationships with other fishermen
Fishing Gear andTechnology Other gear / technology , Tongs, rakes, scrapes
Business and Economics of Fishing and Other Marine Family involvement , Seasonal round of fishing , Business and economic effects of regulations , Making a living
Fisheries Management Regulations (state, federal, other)
Species Type Shellfish (e.g., scallops, mussels, clams, oysters)
Species Characteristics ...

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Working Waterfront Festival
Citation:  The Working Waterfront Festival Community Documentation Project is an ongoing oral history project documenting the history and culture of the commercial fishing industry and other port trades. The project was begun in 2004 in conjunction with the Working Waterfront Festival, an annual, education celebration of commercial fishing culture which takes place in New Bedford, MA. Interviewees have included a wide range of individuals connected to the commercial fishing industry and/or other aspects of the port through work or familial ties. While the majority of interviewees are from the port of New Bedford, the project has also documented numerous individuals from other ports around the country. Folklorist and Festival Director Laura Orleans and Community Scholar/Associate Director Kirsten Bendiksen are Project Leaders. The original recordings reside at the National Council for the Traditional Arts in Maryland with listening copies housed at the Festival┐s New Bedford office.

The Voices from the Fisheries Project does not verify the accuracy of materials submitted to us. The opinions expressed in the interviews are those of the interviewee only and are made available to the public with their consent.

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