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Linda McCann
Massachusetts, Northeast
Abstract: Linda McCann, 54, is currently the Sector Manager for Sectors 7 and 8 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Her husband is a commercial fisherman out of New Bedford. He owns two boats, which he captains and fishes with his three sons. Mrs. McCann has a finance background that helped her secure her current position and allows her to manage the family fishing business. She takes pride in working hard for the fishing industry and assisting her sector members in navigating fisheries management and maintaining viable businesses. She works closely with the Northeast Seafood Coalition, other Sector Managers, and the Northeast Sector Support Network to stay informed and do the best job possible for her members. Mrs. McCann feels sectors have been tough on fishermen, particularly her members who are some of the oldest in the fleet. Some of these negative effects relate to low prices for leased fish, and external forces like high fuel and vessel maintenance costs, coupled with the high price to be in a sector, including membership fees and leasing costs.

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Role Family member
General Social and Cultural Characteristics Family, family roles, family organization
Business and Economics of Fishing and Other Marine Business and economic effects of regulations
Fisheries Management Regulations (state, federal, other)

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Citation:  Lisa L. Colburn, Patricia M. Clay, Azure D. Cygler November 2012 Voices from the Fisheries, New England, USA

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