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Seafood Dealer/Wholesale-Owner/operator
Maine, Northeast
Abstract: Interview with Bob Hessler, Manager at Maine Shellfish Company, a shellfish wholesale company. His responsibilities are accounting, data processing, and purchaser of primarily lobsters. Bob discusses the economic affect of fishing on the greater Ellsworth economy and the impact of tourism and their demands for specific types of fish. He discusses quality control of catch supplied to Maine Shellfish. He talks about new technology in fish processing industry.

Comment: This interview was conducted as part of Ellsworth High School's participation in the NOAA Fisheries Service (NMFS) Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project 2003-2005. All 10th graders participated in this interdisciplinary project that involved English, History, Social Studies, and Biology classes. To read about the LFK Project, go to

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Role Dealer / wholesaler
Business and Economics of Fishing and Other Marine Obtaining supplies (fuel, bait, ice, gear, etc) , Financing and investment (short and long term) , Selling / marketing the catch , Seafood safety , Competition (domestic and foreign) , Fish processing / processor employment , Tourism, ecotourism , Costs/operating expenses , Earnings / revenue / profitability , Contributions to local economy , Business risks
Species Type Lobster, Crab, Shrimp

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Citation:  Ellsworth High School Local Fisheries Knowledge Project, Candice MacBeth and Joyce Whitmore, Project Leaders, 2003-2005. Interviews conducted by students at Ellsworth High School in Ellsworth, Maine as part of the NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project. Interviews are accessed on NOAA's Voices from the Fisheries website,
Curriculum Information:  English, History, Science, Social Studies / Social Science

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