NOAA Fisheries Strategic Science Plans

A Message from the Chief Science Advisor


The NMFS mission—stewardship of living marine resources through science-based conservation and management and the protection and restoration of healthy ecosystems—embraces a wide range of scientific disciplines and expertise, and that breadth is reflected in our strategic plans. Strategic planning informs us on how we can best use our available resources to achieve this scientific mission.  Moreover, planning provides us with a roadmap to innovation and success by bringing to bear technologies that will improve the conservation and management of NOAA trust resources.

Each Science Center has an individual detailed plan. Those plans were developed internally and vetted with the many stakeholders served by each Center. The plans are available to the public on each Science Center's website and will serve as a guide for meeting the wide-ranging demands of our stakeholders, as well as mandated conservation and management requirements.

Richard Merrick

Chief Science Advisor and Director of Scientific Programs

National Marine Fisheries Service