National Stock Assessment Workshops

NOAA Fisheries holds National Stock Assessment Workshops to bring the agency's stock assessment scientists from across the nation together to address issues of common importance. The table below includes a list of all workshops, with links to their Proceedings as available.

12Overfishing? Overfished? Approaches and challenges surrounding stock status determination criteriaNorthwest Fisheries Science Center, Portland, OR13-15 August 2015
11Characterization of Scientific Uncertainty in Assessments to Improve Determination of Acceptable Biological Catches (ABCs) (joint with the National Habitat Assessment Workshop)Southeast Fisheries Science Center,
St. Petersburg, FL
17-20 May 2010
10Improving Integrated Surveys and Stock Assessments (joint with the National Economic and Social Science Workshop)Alaska Fisheries Science Center,
Port Townsend, WA
6-8 May 2008
9Quantifying Scientific Advice for Ecosystem-Based Fishery ManagementPacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, San Francisco CA18-20 April 2006
8Quantifying Scientific Advice for Ecosystem-Based Fishery ManagementNortheast Fisheries Science Center, Newport, RI2-4 March 2004
7(Re)building Sustainable Fisheries and EcosystemsSouthwest Fisheries Science Center, Santa Cruz, CA11-13 December 2001
6Incorporating Ecosystem Considerations into Stock Assessments and Management AdviceNorthwest Fisheries Science Center, Seattle WA28-30 March 2000
5Providing Scientific Advice to Implement the Precautionary Approach Under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management ActSoutheast Fisheries Science Center, Key Largo FL24-26 February 1998
4Spatial Patterns: Survey Design, Geographic Analysis, and Migration ModelsAlaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle WA10-12 August 1994
3Bycatch and Discard Mortality: Sampling, Estimation and Implications for Scientific AdviceNortheast Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole MA20-22 July 1993
2Defining Overfishing -- Defining Stock RebuildingSouthwest Fisheries Science Center, La Jolla CA31 March - 2 April 1992
1Determination of Allowable Biological CatchesSoutheast Fisheries Science Center, Miami FL19-22 March 1991