NOAA Fisheries’ stock assessments are key to marine resource management. They provide high-quality science information to managers to answer important questions such as:

  • What is the current status of a stock relative to established targets? (e.g. Is the stock experiencing over fishing or is it over fished? Is a marine mammal stock depleted?)
  • How much catch is sustainable while maintaining a healthy stock?
  • If a stock becomes depleted, what steps are required to rebuild it to healthy abundance levels?

Answers to these questions help managers make the best decisions to ensure sustainable fisheries, healthy ecosystems, and productive coastal communities. NOAA Fisheries’ scientists work with other scientists, fishermen, resource managers and others from around the country and world to ensure NOAA stock assessments represent the best science information available. 

Stock Assessment 101

Don't know the first thing about stock assessments?
Get the basics with our Stock Assessments 101 series:

1 – Data Required to Assess Fish Stocks

2a – Stock Assessment Models
2b – More About Models

3 – Ecosystem Factors

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