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NOAA FISHERIES: Office of Science and Technology

Fisheries Scientific Computing System (FSCS)

The Fisheries Scientific Computing System (FSCS) is an electronic application currently used by four science centers (NEFSC, NWFSC, AFSC, and SEFSC) to collect at-sea information on charter and Fisheries Research Vessel platforms conducting trawl operations.

A new backend database is being developed along with an improved GUI interface. The system redesign will incorporate many critical peripheral programs such as SCS and Tow Logger into one system, increase data quality checks, and provide the users much more flexibility and customization of the GUI for specific data collection activities. In addition the FSCS application program is being expanded to collect information on longline vessels and to be used by observers.

FSCS Coordinator: Teresa Turk

FSCS Web Site (password protected)