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NOAA FISHERIES: Office of Science and Technology
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Science Information Division (ST6)

The Science Information Division is responsible for

  • IT Support & System Development The Division supports the information system, data management and archival needs of all programs within the Office of Science and Technology, including the Commercial and Recreational Fisheries Statistics, Economics and Social Analysis, and the National Observer Programs. Additionally, the Division provides cross-cutting IT support outside of the Office, primarily to the NMFS Fishery Science Centers. Division staff have decades of experience with fisheries information and management. Services the Division provides includes development of web-based data management and reporting systems, expertise on data management and database design and administration, static web page development, and research on new information technologies.
  • NMFS Scientific Publications: The Scientific Publications Office (SPO) in Seattle, Washington, publishes formal (peer-reviewed) NMFS publications which include the quarterly journals Fishery Bulletin and Marine Fisheries Review, and the NOAA Professional Paper series. It also publishes the informal NOAA Technical Memorandum series and Special Publications. Print and electronic versions are freely and broadly disseminated worldwide to advance fisheries science and conservation.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) - The Division supports the use of GIS as a tool for fishery science and management, represents fishery science needs and futhers enterprise GIS efforts through the NMFS and NOAA GIS Committees, and leads research and development of GIS tools for Ecosystem Approaches to Management.

In carrying out its mandate to provide the specialized information technology required to support fisheries science and management, the division participates with the Office of the Chief Information Officer in the development of IT standards, and in the implementation of IT and IM policies, procedures, and guidelines. The division has close interaction with the Fisheries Science Centers and Regional Offices due to its involvement with the Regional IT Coordinators (RITC).

Areas of Emphasis

  • Liaison with the Northwest Fisheries Science Center
  • Fisheries Information Technology and Data Support
    • fisheries statistics support
    • cross cutting IT support within and outside of the Office
    • archivist and data holdings manager of NMFS fisheries, observer, economic and social data
    • information research and development
  • Coordination of NMFS scientific publications
    • production or oversight of NOAA Fisheries publications
    • support for other scientific publications
    • Chair, NMFS Publications Advisory Committee (PAC). Chair of the PAC is Jim Meehan
    • Coordination of the Science Publications Office

The Division contributes to and/or prepares or comments on:

  • the NOAA strategic plan, annual fiscal year budgets and annual spending plans;
  • briefing papers, briefings, testimony and draft bills;
  • controlled correspondence; and
  • other requests for comment and
  • reviews the Office may receive which relate the Division’s area of expertise and responsibility.
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