NOAA Fisheries Economics & Social Sciences Program

The NOAA Fisheries Economics and Social Sciences Program supports an ecosystem-based approach for managing the Nation's living marine resources. Within this context, the Program:

  • collects economic and sociocultural data and conducts analyses required under the applicable mandates;
  • conducts economic and sociocultural research to facilitate the use of ecosystem-based management; and
  • improves the economic and sociocultural research tools that provide information for resource managers and decision makers.

The Economics and Social Sciences Program operates through the Division of Economics & Social Analysis in the Office of Science & Technology at Headquarters and through the Regional Offices and Science Centers.

Together, the Regional Programs and Division of Economics and Social Analysis provide data and other scientific information to meet biological, ecological, sociocultural, and economic objectives for the conservation and management of living marine resources.      

The Division of Economics & Social Analysis:

  • implements national surveys;
  • conducts applied research on ecosystem management issues; and
  • coordinates research and data collection activities undertaken by the Agency.

The Regional Offices and Science Centers:

  • collect relevant economic and sociocultural data;
  • assess changes in key economic and sociocultural indicators;
  • conduct applied research on ecosystem management issues; and
  • conduct analyses of the economic and sociocultural impacts of alternative management measures.