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Tuna Price in Relation to Economic Factors and Sea Surface Temperature in Fresh Tuna Market


This study analyzes the main factors that affected seasonal variation of fresh tuna price through a statistical approach. The study concludes that seasonal variation in the volume of landings by Hawaiibased vessels is the predominant factor affecting seasonal variation in price for most of the tuna, but that price variation is less than volume variation. In addition, the quality of bigeye appears to have a seasonal pattern that is strongly correlated with sea surface temperature leading to seasonal variation in bigeye tuna price. Substitution effects are found within certain species groups that have similar end uses. Holidays (Christmas and New Year's) and the number of tourists coming from Asia are also associated with variations in bigeye and yellowfin tuna prices. These price relationships upon the analyses might be useful to fisheries management since they can be used to predict how fish market responses to regulation change and revenue change to the fisheries industry. (Click here for paper)

Source: Pan, M. and S.G. Pooley. 2004. “Tuna price in relation to economic factors and sea surface temperature in fresh tuna market.” In: Proceedings of the Twelfth Biennial Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade: What are Responsible Fisheries? July 20-30, 2004, Tokyo, Japan. Corvallis, OR: International Institute for Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET).

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