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Private Property Rights and Crises in World Fisheries: Turning the Tide?


This paper addresses the crises in the world's fisheries involving dwindling stocks, overcapitalization, and jurisdiction disputes from a property rights perspective. In particular, it examines the causes of the problems fishers face and explores the potential of privatizing the right to catch fish as a means to address the crises. The analysis assesses experiences of private harvesting rights with reference to monitoring and enforcement, allocating rights, economic benefits, adjustments in the fishery, and resource rents. It also examines issues such as fluctuating fish stocks, straddling stocks and high seas fisheries, and the endemic poverty of many artisanal fisheries in the context of current fisheries practice.

Source: Grafton, R.Q., Squires, D., and J.E. Kirkley. 1996. “Private property rights and crises in world fisheries: turning the tide?” Contemporary Economic Policy, 14(4): 90-99.

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