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The Cost of Sea Turtle Preservation: The Case of Hawaii’s Pelagic Longliners


The incidental capture of sea turtles in various fisheries is widely recognized as an important issue in the conservation and the recovery of these threatened and endangered species. Efforts to mitigate the impact of fisheries on sea turtles initially focused on the issue of forced submergence in shrimp trawls in the southeastern maritimes. However, given the status of these stocks, other fishing gears (e.g., high-seas driftnets, purse seines, and longlines) have come under increased pressure to reduce incidental takes of sea turtles.

Source: Curtis, R. and R.L. Hicks. 2000. “The cost of sea turtle preservation: the case of Hawaii’s pelagic longliners.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 82(5): 1191-1197.

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