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Seafood Marketing & Trade

NOAA Fisheries National Seafood Consumption Survey

Despite the fact that U.S. consumers spend an estimated $70 billion a year on seafood products, very little is known about seafood markets. Quantifying the benefits derived by consumers from both inland and offshore fisheries is essential for assessing the cost-effectiveness of measures taken to prevent degradation of marine resources from human activities (such as fishing, pollution, and hypoxia), as well as for quantifying future benefits that may be obtained under stock rebuilding plans.

To address this gap, NOAA Fisheries conducted a national survey of consumer purchases of seafood products for at-home consumption in 2005/2006. Information available on this web site includes:

(Photo: R. Kosaka)
The National Seafood Consumption Survey was conducted under grants to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Disclaimer and Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission Disclaimer.  

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