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Valuation of recreational fisheries in the north-east United States. Striped bass: a case study


As fishery resources in the north-eastern USA decline, allocation of resources between commercial and recreational fishermen is becoming increasingly contentious. To estimate the value of recreational fishing in the north-east, approximately 8000 anglers from Maine to Virginia were subject to a two-part survey (at the fishing site and in a follow-up telephone interview) in 1994 in conjunction with the US Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey. Using striped bass as a case study, contingent valuation, travel cost and random utility models are estimated, and the impacts of changes in bag limits and catch rates are analysed for management purposes. The study illustrates the simplicity and utility of adding a limited number of socio-economic questions to an existing national recreational survey.

Source: Gautam, A. and S. Steinback. 1998. “Valuation of recreational fisheries in the north-east United States. Striped bass: a case study." Ch 23 in: Recreational Fisheries: Social, Economic and Management Aspects, P. Hickley and H. Tompkins, eds. Fishing News Books, Oxford.

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