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Fisheries Dependent Data

Economic and socio-cultural data collection programs are essential to estimating both the market and non-market benefits society derives from living marine resources as well as for assessing the human impacts from and responses to management decisions.

Commercial Fisheries

Each regional office as well as the Highly Migratory Species Division of the Office of Sustainable Fisheries collects commercial fisheries economic data. Price and revenue data is available for most federally-managed fisheries primarily via dealer reporting programs. Cost and demographic data is available for selected fisheries in each region. For additional information on these data collection programs, contact information is provided below:

Northeast Region
Southeast Region (Gulf shrimp only)
Alaska Region
Northwest Region
Southwest Region (groundfish and salmon only)
Pacific Islands Region
Highly Migratory Species

Recreational Fisheries

The regional offices also undertake community profiling and socio-cultural data collections. Recreational economic and demographic data collections are undertaken and/or coordinated through the Recreational Economics component of the Economics & Social Research Division.

Other Economic & Socio-Cultural Survey

In addition, data collectors related to Habitat, Protected Species and Seafood Demand can be found on those respective pages.

Value and Volume of U.S. commercial landings
Wholesale prices
Trade data
Economics Bulletin Board (EBB)
NetEc external link
Census Department
Statistical Abstracts of the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
USDA Economic Research Service (ERS)
SEC EDGAR Database
Food and Agriculture (FAO) of the United Nations external link
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