Assessment and Monitoring

The Assessment and Monitoring Division supports at-sea resource surveys, stock assessments, habitat science and assessments, protected resource science and the seabird program, fisheries observer programs, cooperative research, and the independent peer review of NOAA Fisheries' science products and programs. The Division develops policies, procedures, and budget initiatives to ensure that these activities are high quality, cost effective, productive, and fully supported.

The Division coordinates and prepares annual budget formulations and annual spending plans to improve habitat and stock assessments and modernize and expand observer programs. The Division also coordinates the content of three major reports: Our Living Oceans – Resources, Our Living Oceans – Habitat, and the NOAA Fisheries Strategic Plan for Fisheries Research.

The Division contributes to and prepares or comments on:

(1) the NOAA and NOAA Fisheries Strategic Plans;
(2) briefing papers, briefings, testimony and draft bills;
(3) controlled correspondence; and
(4) other requests for comment and review the Office may receive which relate to the Division’s area of expertise and responsibility.