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NOAA FISHERIES: Office of Science and Technology

The United States Coast Guard has ceased providing Personal Identifying Information (PII) previously included in the data which comprise the report "Merchant Vessels of the United States" also known as the "List of Documented Vessels."   That report's data is the content for NOAA's searchable database accessible on this webpage.    All questions regarding the availability of PII data must be addressed to or the following address:

WASHINGTON DC 20593-7710

Vessel Documentation Search By Name

You can access our copy of the United States Coast Guard's (USCG) vessel data base and extract vessel characteristicsand documentation.  This data base is updated periodically. Our query program only retrieves data about vessels which are craft that are 5 net tons or larger and are documented by the USCG. Craft less than5 net tons ("boats") are numbered by individual states.

Contact the USCG Vessel Documentation Center for vessel title and lien information.

Access the following link to download “Merchant Vessels of the United States" in various formats.  This data does not include PII.


Please enter the vessel's name in the box below and click on the submit button to retrieve vessel data. Search By USCG Official Number
Enter Vessel Name
Suggestions to ensure getting data on a specific vessel of your choice include:
  • The vessel name may be entered in upper or lower case.
  • The vessel name that is entered must be identical to the vessel name listed in our vessel data base. You could not retrieve data for the vessel "MOONLIGHT III" if you entered the name as "MOONLIGHT 3".
  • The data retrieval program will return documentation and other information on up to 20 vessels based on entry of only a portion of a vessel's name. For instance, if you enter the name "ANN" you could retrieve data on vessels named ANN, ANNIE, MARYANN, BANNER, etc.
  • If more than 20 vessels match the name you enter, then an abbreviated listing (reporting the vessel name, year built, service, hailing port, length, and documentation number) of up to 400 vessels will be output to your monitor. Based on data in this listing, select (click on) a vessel name (in hypertext) to get complete documentation data for that vessel.
  • Enter the complete vessel name whenever possible because you are limited to retrieving abbreviated data on a maximum of 400 vessels per query. You probably could not get data for a craft named "SEA ROVER X" if you entered only the name "SEA" because the vessel data base has over 9,000 vessels with "SEA" in their name.