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Fishery Bulletin 95(3) Contents

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Andrew, Neil L., and Yong Chen
Optimal sampling for estimating the size structure and mean size of abalone caught in a New South Wales fishery

Armstrong, Michael P.
Seasonal and ontogenetic changes in distribution and abundance of smooth flounder, Pleuronectes putnami, and
winter flounder, Pleuronectes americanus, along estuarine depth and salinity gradients

Brightman, Ross I., Joseph J. Torres, Joseph Donnelly, and M. Elizabeth Clarke
Energetics of larval red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus. Part II: Growth and biochemical indicators

Cadrin, Steven X., and Douglas S. Vaughan
Retrospective analysis of virtual population estimates for Atlantic menhaden stock assessment

Crabtree, Roy E., Derke Snodgrass, and Christopher W. Harnden
Maturation and reproductive seasonality in bonefish, Albula vulpes, from the waters of the Florida Keys

Estrella, Bruce T.., and Thomas D. Morrissey
Seasonal movement of offshore American lobster, Homarus americanus, tagged along the eastern shore of Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Hettler, William F., Jr., David S. Peters, David R. Colby, and Elisabeth H. Laban
Daily variability in abundance of larval fishes inside Beaufort Inlet

Nichol, Daniel G.
Effects of geography and bathymetry on growth and maturity of yellowfin sole, Pleuronectes asper, in the eastern Bering Sea

Norcross, Brenda L., Franz-Josef Muter, and Brenda A. Holladay
Habitat models for juvenile pleuronectids around Kodiak Island, Alaska

Paperno, Richard, Timothy E. Targett, and Paul A. Grecay
Daily growth increments in otoliths ofjuvenile weakfish, Cynoscion regalis, experimental assessment of changes in increment width with changes in feeding rate, growth rate, and condition factor

Peters, John S., and David J. Schmidt
Daily age and growth of larval and early juvenile Spanish mackerel, Scomberomorus maculates, from the South Atlantic Bight

Roelke, Lynn A., and Luis A. Cifuentes
Use of stable isotopes to assess groups of king mackerel, Scomberomorus cavalla, in the Gulf of Mexico and southeastern Florida

Rogers, Donna R., Barton D. Rogers, Janaka A. de Silva, and Vernon L. Wright
Effectiveness of four industry-developed bycatch reduction devices in Louisiana’s inshore waters

Ward, Robert D., Nicholas G. Elliott, Bronwyn H. Innes, Adam J. Smolenski, and Peter M. Grewe
Global population structure of yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares, inferred from allozyme and mitochondrial DNA variation

Zeldis, John R., R. I. Chris Francis, Malcolm R. Clark, Jonathan K. V. Ingerson, Paul J. Grimes, and Marianne Vignaux
An estimate of orange roughy, Hoplostethus atlanticus, biomass using the daily fecundity reduction method

Zimmermann, Mark
Maturity and fecundity of arrowtooth flounder, Atheresthes stomias, from the Gulf of Alaska


Munehara, Hiroyuki
The reproductive biology and early life stages of Podothecus sachi (Pisces: Agonidae)

Roman-Rodriguez, Martha J., and M. Gregory Hammann
Age and growth of totoaba, Totoaba macdonaldi (Sciaenidae), in the upper Gulf of California

Thedinga, John F., Adam Moles, and Jeffrey T. Fujioka
Mark retention and growth of jet-injected juvenile marine fish


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