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Fishery Bulletin 95(1) Contents

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Bertram, Douglas F., Thomas J. Miller, and William C. Leggett
Individual variation in growth and development during the early life stages of winter flounder, Pleuronectes americanus

Crockford, Susan J.
Archeological evidence of large northern bluefin tuna, Thunnus thynnus, in coastal waters of British Columbia and northern Washington

Fisher, Joseph P., and William G. Pearcy
Dietary overlap of juvenile fall- and spring-run chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, in Coos Bay, Oregon

Goodyear, C. Phillip
Fish age determined from length: an evaluation of three methods using simulated red snapper data

Griffiths, Marc H.
The life history and stock separation of silver kob, Argyrosomus inodorus, in South African waters

Hampton, John
Estimates of tag-reporting and tag-shedding rates in a large-scale tuna tagging experiment in the western tropical
Pacific Ocean

Hinton, Michael G., Ronald G. Taylor, and Michael D. Murphy
Use of gonad indices to estimate the status of reproductive activity of female swordfish, Xiphias gladius: a validated
classification method

Kane, Joseph
Persistent spatial and temporal abundance patterns for late-stage
copepodites of Centropages hamatus (Copepoda:
Calanoida) in the U.S. northeast continental shelf ecosystem

Livingston, Mary E., Marianne Vignaux, and Kathy A. Schofield
Estimating the annual proportion of nonspawning adults in New Zealand hoki, Macruronus novaezelandiae

McKenna, James E., Jr.
Structure and dynamics of the fishery harvest in Broward County, Florida, during 1989

McQuinn, Ian H.
Year-class twinning in sympatric seasonal spawning populations of Atlantic herring, Clupea harengus

Parrish, Frank A., Edward E. DeMartini, and Denise M. Ellis
Nursery habitat in relation to production of juvenile pink snapper, Pristipomoides filamentosus, in the Hawaiian Archipelago

Restrepo, Victor R., and Joseph E. Powers
Application of high-breakdown robust regression to tuned stock assessment models

Shi, Yunbing, Donald R. Gunderson, and Patrick J. Sullivan
Growth and survival of 0+ English sole, Pleuronectes vetulus, in estuaries and adjacent nearshore waters off Washington


Richardson, Linda R., and John R. Gold
Mitochondrial DNA diversity in and population structure of red grouper, Epinephelus morio, from the Gulf of Mexico

Zavala-Gonzillez, Alfredo, and Eric Mellink
Entanglement of California sea lions, Zalophus californianus californianus, in fishing gear in the
central-northern part of the Gulf of California, Mexico


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