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Fishery Bulletin 94(2) Contents

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Baelde, Pascale
Biology and dynamics of the reproduction of blue-eye trevalla, Hyperoglyphe antarctica (Centrolophidae), off Tasmania, southern Australia

Brodziak, Jon K. T., and William K. Macy III
Growth of long-finned squid, Loligo pealei, in the northwest Atlantic

Caillouet, Charles W., Jr., Donna J. Shaver, Wendy G. Teas, James M. Nance, Dickie B. Revera, and Andrea C. Cannon
Relationship between sea turtle stranding rates and shrimp fishing intensities in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico: 1986-1989 versus 1990-1993

DeMartini, Edward E., Frank A. Parrish, and Denise M. Ellis
Barotrauma-associated regurgitation of food: implications for diet studies of Hawaiian pink snapper, Pristipomoides filamentosus (family Lutjanidae)

Dorsey, Suzanne E., Edward D. Houde, and John C. Gamble
Cohort abundances and daily variability in mortality of eggs and yolk-sac larvae of bay anchovy, Anchoa mitchilli, in Chesapeake Bay

Fortier, Louis, and Ann Villeneuve
Cannibalism and predation on fish larvae by larvae of Atlantic mackerel, Scomber scombrus: trophodynamics and potential impact on recruitment

Krieger, Kenneth J., and Michael F. Sigler
Catchability coefficient for rockfish estimated from trawl and submersible surveys

Laidig, Thomas E., Keith M. Sakuma, and Mary M. Nishimoto
Description of pelagic larval and juvenile stripetail rockfish, Sebastes saxicola (family Scorpaenidae), with an examination of larval growth

Lavaniegos, Bertha E.
Vertical distribution of euphausiid life stages in waters adjacent to Baja California

Newman, Stephen J., David McB. Williams, and Garry R. Russ
Variability in the population structure of Lutjanus adetii (Castelnau, 1873) and L. quinquelineatus (Bloch, 1790) among reefs in the central Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Perkins, Peter C., and Elizabeth F. Edwards
A mixture model for estimating discarded bycatch from data with many zero observations: tuna discards in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean

Sminkey, Thomas R., and John A. Musick
Demographic analysis of the sandbar shark, Carcharhinus plumbeus, in the western North Atlantic

Somerton, David, A., and William Donaldson
Contribution to the biology of the grooved and triangle Tanner crabs, Chionoecetes tanner, and C. angulatus, in the eastern Bering Sea

Zimmerman, Mark, and Pamela Goddard
Biology and distribution of arrowtooth, Atheresthes stomias, and kamchatka, A. evermanni, flounders in Alaskan waters


Bertram, Douglas F.
Size-dependent predation risk in larval fishes: mechanistic inferences and levels of analysis

Franks, James S., Nikola M. Garber, and James R. Warren
Stomach contents of juvenile cobia, Rachycentron canadum, from the northern Gulf of Mexico

Read, Andrew J., John R. Nicolas, and James E. Craddock
Winter capture of a harbor porpoise in a pelagic drift net off North Carolina


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