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Fishery Bulletin 93(1) Contents

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Companion articles

Barlow, Jay
The abundance of cetaceans in California waters. Part I: Ship surveys in summer and fall of 1991

Forney, Karin A., Jay Barlow, and James V. Carretta
The abundance of cetaceans in California waters. Part II: Aerial surveys in winter and spring of 1991 and 1992


Bruce, Barry D.
Larval development of King George whiting, Sillaginodes punctata, school whiting, Sillago bassensis, and yellow fin whiting, Sillago schomburgkii (Percoidei: Sillaginidae), from South Australian waters

Carls, Mark G., and Charles E. O'Clair
Responses of Tanner crabs, Chionoecetes bairdi, exposed to cold air

Cortes, Enric
Demographic analysis of the Atlantic sharpnose shark, Rhizoprionodon terraenovae, in the Gulf of Mexico

Ellis, Denise M., and Edward E. DeMartini
Evaluation of a video camera technique for indexing abundances of juvenile pink snapper, Pristipomoides filamentosus, and other Hawaiian insular shelf fishes

Finnerty, John R., and Barbara A. Block
Evolution of cytochrome b in the Scombroidei (Teleostei): molecular insights into billfish (Istiophoridae and Xiphiidae) relationships

Kornfield, Irv, Austin B. Williams, and Robert S. Steneck
Assignment of Homarus capensis (Herbst, 1972), the Cape lobster of South Africa, to the new genus Homarinus (Decapoda: Nephropidae)

Milton, David A., Steven A. Short, Michael F. O'Neill, and Stephen J. M. Blaber
Ageing of three species of tropical snapper (Lutjanidae) from the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia, using radiometry and otolith ring counts

Natanson, Lisa J., John G. Casey, and Nancy E. Kohler
Age and growth estimates for the dusky shark, Carcharhinus obscurus, in the western North Atlantic Ocean

Rickey, Martha H.
Maturity, spawning, and seasonal movement of arrowtooth flounder, Atheresthes stomias, off Washington

Schmid, Jeffrey R.
Marine turtle populations on the east-central coast of Florida: results of tagging studies at Cape Canaveral, Florida, 1986-1991


Benetti, Daniel D., Edwin S. Iversen, and Anthony C. Ostrowski
Growth rates of captive dolphin, Coryphaena hippurus, in Hawaii

Canino, Michael F., and Elaine M. Caldarone
Modification and comparison of two fluorometric techniques for determining nucleic acid contents of fish larvae

Laidig, Thomas E., and Stephen Ralston
The potential use of otolith characters in identifying larval rockfish (Sebastes spp.)

Matsuura, Yasunobu, and Roger Hewitt
Changes in the spatial patchiness of Pacific mackerel, Scomber japonicus, larvae with increasing age and size

Riley, Cecilia M., G. Joan Holt, and Connie R. Arnold
Growth and morphology of larval and juvenile captive bred yellowtail snapper, Ocyurus chrysurus

Secor, David H., T. Mark Trice, and Harry T.. Hornick
Validation of otolith-based ageing and a comparison of otolith and scale-based ageing in mark-recaptured Chesapeake Bay striped bass, Morone saxatilis

Szedlmayer, Stephen T., and Jeffrey C. Howe
An evaluation of six marking methods for age-O red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus

Wiley, David N., Regina A. Asmutis, Thomas D. Pitchford, and Damon P. Gannon
Stranding and mortality of humpback whales, Megaptera novaeangliae, in the mid-Atlantic and southeast United States, 1985-1992

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