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Fishery Bulletin 91(2) Contents

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Anganuzzi, Alejandro A.
A comparison of tests for detecting trends in abundance indices of dolphins

Choat, J.H., Peter J. Doherty, B.A. Kerrigan, and J.M. Leis
A comparison of towed nets, purse seine, and light-aggregation devices for sampling larvae and pelagic juveniles of coral reef fishes

Comyns, Bruce H., and George C. Grant
Identification and distribution of Urophycis and Phycis (Pisces, Gadidae) larvae and pelagic juveniles in the U.S. Middle Atlantic Bight

Davis, Tim L. O., and Grant J. West
Maturation, reproductive seasonality, fecundity, and spawning frequency in Lutjanus vittus (Ouoy and Gaimard) from the North West Shelf of Australia

Ebert, Thomas A., Stephen C. Schroeter, and John D. Dixon
Inferring demographic processes from size-frequency distributions: Effect of pulsed recruitment on simple models

Fitzhugh, Gary R., Bruce A. Thompson, and Theron G. Snider III
Ovarian development, fecundity, and spawning frequency of black drum Paganias cromis in Louisiana

Forward, Richard B., Leslie M. McKelvey, William F. Hettler, and Donald E. Hoss
Swimbladder inflation of the Atlantic menhaden Brevoortia tyrannus

Jackson, George D.
Seasonal variation of reproductive investment of the tropical loliginid squid Loligo chinensis and the small tropical sepioid Idiosepius pygmaeus

Kimura, Daniel K., Allen M. Shimada, and Sandra A. Lowe
Estimating von Bertalanffy growth parameters of sablefish Anoplopoma fimbria and Pacific cod Gadus macrocephalus using tag-recapture data

Lough, R. Gregory, and David C. Potter
Vertical distribution patterns and diel migrations of larval and juvenile haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus and Atlantic cod Gadus morhua on Georges Bank

O'Connell, Victoria M., and David W. Carlile
Habitat-specific density of adult yelloweye rockfish Sebastes ruberrimus in the eastern Gulf of Alaska

Prager, Michael H., and Alec D. MacCall
Detection of contaminant and climate effects on spawning success of three pelagic fish stocks off southern California: Northern anchovy Engraulis mordax, Pacific sardine Sardinops sagax, and chub mackerel Scomber japonicus

Shepherd, Gary R., and Josef S. Idoine
Length-based analyses of yield and spawning biomass per recruit for black sea bass Centropristis striata, a protogynous hermaphrodite

Smith, Wallace G., and Wallace W. Morse
Larval distribution patterns: Early signals for the collapse/recovery of Atlantic herring Clupea harengus in the Georges Banks area

Squire, James L. Jr.
Relative abundance of pelagic resources utilized by the California purse-seine fishery: Results of an airborne monitoring program, 1962-90

Tringali, Michael D., and Raymond R. Wilson Jr.
Differences in haplotype frequencies of mtDNA of the Spanish sardine Sardinella aurita between specimens from the eastern Gulf of Mexico and southern Brazil


Bartoo, Norman, and David Holts
Estimated drift gillnet selectivity for albacore Thunnus alalunga

Haynes, Evan B.
Stage-1 zoeae of laboratory-hatched Lopholithodes mandtii (Oecapoda, Anomura, Lithodidae)

Lai, Han-Lin
Optimal sampling design for using the age-length key to estimate age composition of a fish population

McBride, Richard S., Jeffrey L. Ross, and David O. Conover
Recruitment of bluefish Pomatomus saltatrix to estuaries of the U.S. South Atlantic Bight

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