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Fishery Bulletin 90(4) Contents

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Allen, Larry G., and Michael P. Franklin
Abundance, distribution, and settlement of young-of-the-year white seabass Atraetoscion nobilis, in the Southern California Bight, 1988-89

Boggs, Christofer H.
Depth, capture time, and hooked longevity of longline-caught pelagic fish: Timing bites of fish with chips

Boothroyd, Frank A., and Gerald P. Ennis
Reproduction in American lobsters Homarus americanus transplanted northward to St. Michael's Bay, Labrador

Ditty, James G., and Richard F. Shaw
Larval development. distribution, and ecology of cobia Rachycentron canadum (Family: Rachycentridae) in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Edwards, Elizabeth F.
Energetics of associated tunas and dolphins in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean: A basis for the bond

Eggleston, David B., Romuald N. Lipcius, and David L. Miller
Artificial shelters and survival of juvenile Caribbean spiny lobster Panulirus argus: Spatial, habitat, and lobster size effects

Graves, John E., Jan R. McDowell, Ana M. Beardsley, and Daniel R. Scoles
Stock structure of the bluefish Pomatomus saltatrix along the mid-Atlantic coast

Leffler, Deborah L., and Richard F. Shaw
Age validation, growth, and mortality of larval Atlantic bumper (Carangidae: Chloroscombrus chrysurus) in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Parrish, Frank A., and Thomas K. Kazama
Evaluation of ghost fishing in the Hawaiian lobster fishery

Pearcy, William G.
Movements of acoustically-tagged yellowtail rockfish Sebastes flavidus on Heceta Bank, Oregon

Restrepo, Victor R., John M. Hoenig, Joseph E. Powers, James W. Baird, and Stephen C. Turner
A simple simulation approach to risk and cost analysis, with applications to swordfish and cod fisheries

Schilling, Mark R., Irene Selpt, Mason T. Weinrich, Steven E. Frohock, Anne E. Kuhlberg, and Phillip J. Clapham
Behavior of individually-identified sei whales Balaenoptera borealis during an episodic influx into the southern Gulf of Maine in 1986

Somerton, David A., and Bert S. Kikkawa
Population dynamics of pelagic armorhead Pseudopentaceros wheeleri on Southeast Hancock Seamount

Utter, Fred M., Robin S. Waples, and David J. Teel
Genetic isolation of previously indistinguishable chinook salmon populations of the Snake and Klamath rivers: Limitations of negative data


Jensen, Gregory C., Helle B. Andersen, and David A. Armstrong
Differentiating Paralithodes larvae using telson spines: A tail of two species

Matthews, Kathleen R.
A telemetric study of the home ranges and homing routes of lingcod Ophiodon elongatus on shallow rocky reefs off Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Miller, George W.
An investigation of dolphin Tursiops truncatus deaths in East Matagorda Bay, Texas, January 1990

Secor, David H.
Application of otolith microchemistry analysis to investigate anadromy in Chesapeake Bay striped bass Morone saxatilis

Skillman, Robert A., and George H. Balazs
Leatherback turtle captured by ingestion of squid bait on swordfish longline

Taylor, Ronald G., and Michael D. Murphy
Reproductive biology of the swordfish Xiphias gladius in the Straits of Florida and adjacent waters


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