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Fishery Bulletin 90(2) Contents

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Publications Awards, 1989-90

Armstrong, Michael P., John A. Musick, and James A. Colvocoresses
Age, growth, and reproduction of the goosefish Lophius americanus (Pisces:Lophiiformes)

Bowers, Michael J.
Annual reproductive cycle of oocyres and embryos of yellowtail rockfish Sebastes flavidus (Family Scorpaenidae)

Bullock, Lewis H., Michael D. Murphy, Mark F. Godcharles, and Michael E. Mitchell
Age, growth, and reproduction of jewfish Epinephelus itajara in the eastern Gulf of Mexico

Campton, Donald E., Carl J. Berg Jr., Lynn M. Robison, and Robert A. Glazer
Genetic patchiness among populations of queen conch Strombus gigas in the Florida Keys and Bimini

Dorn, Martin W.
Detecting environmental covariates of Pacific whiting Merluccius productus growth using a growth-increment regression model

Hyndes, Glenn A., Nell R. Loneragan, and Ian C. Potter
Influence of sectioning otoliths on marginal increment trends and age and growth estimates for the flathead Platycephalus speculator

Markle, Douglas F., Phillip M. Harris, and Christopher L. Toole
Metamorphosis and an overview of early-life-history stages in Dover sole Microstomus pacificus

Parrack, Michael L.
Estimating stock abundance from size data

Rajaguru, Arjuna
Biology of two co-occurring tonguefishes, Cynoglossus arel and C. lida (Pleuronectiformes:Cynoglossidae), from Indian waters

Somerton, David A., and Donald R. Kobayashi
Inverse method for mortality and growth estimation: A new method for larval fishes

Stone, Heath H., and Brian M. Jessop
Seasonal distribution of river herring (Hosa pseudoharengus) and A. aestivalis off the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia


Bumguardner, Britt W., Robert L. Colura, and Gary C. Matlock
Long-term coded wire tag retention in juvenile Sciaenops ocellatus

Davis, Tim L.O., and Grant J. West
Growth and mortality of Lutjanus vittus (Quoy and Gaimard) from the North West Shelf of Australia

Hettler, William F.
Correlation of winter temperature and landings of pink shrimp Penaeus duorarum in North Carolina

Matlock, Gary C.
Growth of five fishes in Texas Bays in the 1960s

Restrepo, Victor R.
A mortality model for a population in which harvested individuals do not necessarily die: The stone crab

Salvado, Carlos A.M., Pierre Kleiber, and Andrew E. Dizon
Optimal course by dolphins for detection avoidance

Toole, Christopher L., and Roger L. Nielsen
Effects of microprobe precision on hypotheses related to otolith Sr:Ca ratios

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