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Fishery Bulletin 89(1) Contents

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Beckman, Daniel W., A. Louise Stanley, Jeffrey H. Render, and Charles A. Wilson
Age and growth-rate estimation of sheepshead Archosargus probatocephalus in Louisiana waters using otoliths

DeMartini, Edward E.
Annual variations in fecundity, egg size, and the gonadal and somatic conditions of queenfish Seriphus politus (Sciaenidae)

Ferreira, Beatrice Padovanl, and Carolus Maria Vooren
Age, growth, and structure of vertebra in the school shark Galeorhinus galeus (Linnaeus, 1758) from southern Brazil

Grant, George C.
Chaetognatha from the central and southern Middle Atlantic Bight: Species composition, temperature-salinity relationships, and interspecific associations

Hannah, Robert W., and Stephen A. Jones
Fishery-induced changes in the population structure of pink shrimp Pandalus jordani

Kimura, Daniel K., and Julaine J. Lyons
Between-reader bias and variability in the age-determination process

Lavalli, Kari L.
Survival and growth of early juvenile American lobsters Homarus americanus through their first season while fed diets of mesoplankton, microplankton, and frozen brine shrimp

Ledgerwood, Richard D., Frank. P. Thrower, and Earl M. Dawley
Diel sampling of migratory juvenile salmonids in the Columbia River Estuary

Lozano-Alvarez, Enrique, Patricia Briones-Fourzan, and Bruce F. Phillips
Fishery characteristics, growth, and movements of the spiny lobster Panulirus argus in Bahia de la Ascension, Mexico

Matlock, Gary C., Walter R. Nelson, Robert S. Jones, Albert W. Green, Terry J. Cody, Elmer Gutherz, and Jeff Doerzbacher
Comparison of two techniques for estimating tilefish, yellowedge grouper, and other deepwater fish populations

Murphy, Michael D., and Mark E. Chittenden Jr.
Reproduction, age and growth, and movements of the gulf butterfish Peprilus burti

Overholtz, William J., Steven A. Murawski, and William L. Michaels
Impact of compensatory responses on assessment advice for the northwest Atlantic mackerel stock

Polovina, Jeffrey J.
Evaluation of hatchery releases of juveniles to enhance rockfish stocks, with application to Pacific Ocean perch Sebastes alutus

Smith, Barry D., and Glen S. Jamieson
Movement, spatial distribution, and mortality of male and female Dungeness crab Cancer magister near Tofino, British Columbia

Stanley, David R., and Charles A. Wilson
Factors affecting the abundance of selected fishes near oil and gas platforms in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Temte, Jonathan L.
Use of serum progesterone and testosterone to estimate sexual maturity in Dati's porpoise Phocoenoides dalli


Somerton, David A.
Detecting differences in fish diets

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