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Fishery Bulletin 88(4) Contents

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Publications Awards, 1986-88
Memorial to John Alan Gulland

Brodeur, Richard D., and William G. Pearcy
Trophic relations of juvenile Pacific salmon off the Oregon and Washington coast

Fisher, Joseph P., and William G. Pearcy
Spacing of scale circuli versus growth rate in young coho salmon

Hightower, Joseph E.
Multispecies harvesting policies for Washington-Oregon-California rockfish trawl fisheries

Kalish, John M.
Use of otolith microchemistry to distinguish the progeny of sympatric anadromous and non-anadromous salmonids

Kulbicki, Michel, and Laurent Wantlez
Comparison between fish bycatch from shrimp trawlnet and visual censuses in St. Vincent Bay, New Caledonia

Page, Henry M., and Yann O. Ricard
Food availability as a limiting factor to mussel Mytilus edulis growth in California coastal waters

Payne, P. Michael, David N. Wiley, Sharon B. Young, Sharon Pittman, Phillip J. Clapham, and Jack W. Jossi
Recent fluctuations in the abundance of baleen whales in the southern Gulf of Maine in relation to changes in selected prey

Pearcy, William G., Richard D. Brodeur, and Joseph P. Fisher
Distribution and biology of juvenile cutthroat trout Onchorhynchus clarki clarki and steelhead O. mykiss in coastal waters off Oregon and Washington

Seeb, Lisa W., James E. Seeb, and Jeffrey J. Polovina
Genetic variation in highly exploited spiny lobster Panulirus marginatus populations from the Hawaiian Archipelago

Stanley, David R., and Charles A. Wilson
A fishery-dependent based study of fish species composition and associated catch rates around oil and gas structures off Louisiana

Stevens, Bradley G.
Survival of king and tanner crabs captured by commercial sole trawls

Szedlmayer, Stephen T., Michael P. Weinstein, and John A. Musick
Differential growth among cohorts of age-O weakfish Cynoscion regalis in Chesapeake Bay

Taylor, David M., and John M. Hoenig
Growth per molt of male snow crab Chionoecetes opilio from Conception and Bonavista Bays, Newfoundland

Terceiro, Mark, and Josef S. Idoine
A practical assessment of the performance of Shepherd's length-composition analysis (SRLCA): Application to Gulf of Maine northern shrimp Pandalus borealis survey data

Wilk, Stuart J., Wallace W. Morse, and Linda L. Stehlik
Annual cycles of gonad-somatic indices as indicators of spawning activity for selected species of finfish collected from the New York Bight

Wisner, Robert L., and Charmion B. McMillan
Three new species of hagfishes. Genus Eptatretus (Cyclostomata, Myxinidaej), from the Pacific coast of North America, with new data on E. deani and E. stoutii


Barger, Lyman E.
Age and growth of bluefish Pomatomus saltatrix from the northern Gulf of Mexico and U.S. South Atlantic coast.

Grover, Jill J., and Bori L. Olla
Food habits of larval sablefish Anoplopoma fimbria from the Bering Sea

Jagielo, Thomas H.
Movement of tagged lingcod Ophiodon elongatus at Neah Bay, Washington

Olson, Robert J., and Vernon P. Scholey
Captive tunas in a tropical marine research laboratory: Growth of late-larval and early juvenile black skipjack Euthynnus lineatus

Schwartz, Frank J.
Length-weight, age and growth. and landings observations for sheepshead Archosargus probatocephalus from North Carolina


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