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Fishery Bulletin 88(3) Contents

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Buckley, Lawrence J., Alphonse S. Smigielski, Thomas A. Halavik, and Geoffrey C. Laurence
Effects of water temperature on size and biochemical composition of winter flounder Pseudopleuronectes americanus at hatching and feeding initiation

Dawson, Margaret A.
Blood chemistry of the windowpane flounder Scophthalmus aquosus in Long Island Sound: Geographical, seasonal, and experimental variations

Dentzau, Michael W., and Mark E. Chittenden Jr.
Reproduction, movements, and apparent population dynamics of the Atlantic threadfin Polydactylus octonemus in the Gulf of Mexico

Grover, Jill J.
Feeding ecology of late-larval and early juvenile walleye pollock Theragra chalcogramma from the Gulf of Alaska in 1987

Hinckley, Sarah
Variation of egg size of walleye pollock Theragra chalcogramma with a preliminary examination of the effect of egg size on larval size

Hoenig, John M., Pierre Pepin, and William D. Lawing
Estimating relative survival rate for two groups of larval fishes from field data: Do older larvae survive better than young?

Holland, Kim N., Richard W. Brill, and Randolph K.C. Chang
Horizontal and vertical movements of yellowfin and bigeye tuna associated with fish aggregating devices

Lowry, Mark S., Charles W. Oliver, Carolyn Macky, and Jeannie B. Wexler
Food habits of California sea lions Zalophus californianus at San Clemente Island, California, 1981-86

Manickchand-Heileman, Sherry C., and Julien S. Kenny
Reproduction, age, and growth of the whitemouth croaker Micropogonias fumieri (Desmarest 1823) in Trinidad waters

Murphy, Michael D., and Ronald G. Taylor
Reproduction. growth, and mortality of red drum Sciaenops ocellatus in Florida waters

Okiyama, Muneo
Contrast in reproductive style between two species of sandfishes (Family Trichodontidae)

Ostrander, Gary K., James J. Anderson, Jeffrey P. Fisher, Marsha L. Landolt, and Richard M. Kocan
Decreased performance of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss emergence behaviors following embryonic exposure to benzo[a]pyrene

Radtke, Richard L., and Thomas F. Hourigan
Age and growth of the Antarctic fish Nototheniops nudifrons

Stoner, Allan W., and Janice M. Waite
Distribution and behavior of queen conch Strombus gigas relative to seagrass standing crop

Wicksten, Mary K.
Key to the hippolytid shrimp of the eastern Pacific Ocean


Love, Milton S., and William Westphal
Comparison of fishes taken by a sportfishing party vessel around oil platforms and adjacent natural reefs near Santa Barbara, California

Richards, William J., Thomas Potthoff, and Jong-man Kim
Problems identifying tuna larvae species (Pisces: Scombridae: Thunnus) from the Gulf of Mexico

Wilson, Raymond R. Jr., and Michael D. Tringali
Improved methods for isolation of fish mtDNA by ultracentrifugation and visualization of restriction fragments using flurochrome dye: Results from Gulf of Mexico clupeids

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