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Fishery Bulletin 88(2) Contents

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Matthews, Kathleen R.
A comparative study of habitat use by young-of-the-year, subadult, and adult rockfishes on four habitat types in central Puget Sound

Nizinski, Martha S., Bruce B. Collette, and Betsy B. Washington
Separation of two species of sand lances, Ammodytes americanus and A. dubius, in the western North Atlantic

Kope, Robert G., and Louis W. Botsford
Determination of factors affecting recruitment of chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha in central California

Seipt, Irene E., Phillip J. Clapham, Charles A. Mayo, and Mary P. Hawvermale
Population characteristics of individually identified fin whales Balaenoptera physalus in Massachusetts Bay

Shields, Jeffrey D., and Armand M. Kurls
Carcinonemertes wickhami n. sp. (Nemertea), a symbiotic egg predator from the spiny lobster Panulirus interruptus in southern California, with remarks on symbiont-host adaptations

Cockcroft, Victor Gavin, and Graham James Berry Ross
Age, growth, and reproduction of bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncatus from the east coast of southern Africa

Kim, Suam, and Bohyun Bang
Oceanic dispersion of larval fish and its implication for mortality estimates: Case study of walleye pollock larvae in Shelikof Strait, Alaska

Hampton, John, and Geoffrey P. Kirkwood
Tag shedding by southern bluefin tuna Thunnus maccoyii

Shelton, Peter A., and Larry Hutchings
Ocean stability and anchovy spawning in the southern Benguela Current region

Silber, Gregory K.
Occurrence and distribution of the vaquita Phocoena sinus in the northern Gulf of California

Waring, Gorton T., Patricia Gerrior, P. Michael Payne, Betsy L. Parry, and John R. Nicolas
Incidental take of marine mammals in foreign fishery activities off the northeast United States

Sturm, Maxwell G. de L.
Age, growth, and reproduction of the king mackerel Scomberomorus cavalla (Cuvier) in Trinidad waters

Smith, Susan E., and Norman J. Abramson
Leopard shark Triakis semifasciata distribution, mortality rate, yield, and stock replenishment estimates based on a tagging study in San Francisco Bay


Iversen, Edwin S., Scott P. Bannerot, and Darryl E. Jory
Evidence of survival value related to burying behavior in queen conch Strombus gigas

Eggleston, David B., and Eleanor A. Bochenek
Stomach contents and parasite infestation of school bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus collected from the Middle Atlantic Bight, Virginia

Holland, Kim, Richard Brill, and Randolph K.C. Chang
Horizontal and vertical movements of Pacific blue marlin captured and released using sportfishing gear

Ojeda, F. Patricio, and John H. Dearborn
Diversity, abundance, and spatial distribution of fishes and crustaceans in the rocky subtidal zone of the Gulf of Maine

Stergiou, Konstantlnos I.
A seasonal autoregressive model of the anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus fishery in the eastern Mediterranean

Barshaw, Diana E., and Kenneth W. Able
Tethering as a technique for assessing predation rates in different habitats: An evaluation using juvenile lobsters Homarus americanus

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