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Fishery Bulletin 86(2) Contents

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Pearcy, William G., and Joseph P. Fisher
Migrations of coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch, during their first summer in the ocean

Dutil, J.-D. and J.-M. Coutu
Early marine life of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, postsmolts in the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence

Murphy, Michael L., John F. Thedinga, and K V. Koski
Size and diet of juvenile Pacific salmon during seaward migration through a small estuary in southeastern Alaska

Bolz, George R., and R. Gregory Lough
Growth through the first six months of Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua, and haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus, based on daily otolith increments

Nyman, Robert M., and David O. Conover
The relation between spawning season and the recruitment of young-of-the-year bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix, to New York

Jahn, A. E., D. M. Gadomski, and M. L. Sowby
On the role of food-seeking in the suprabenthic habit of larval white croaker, Genyonemus lineatus (Pisces: Sciaenidae)

Williams, Austin B.
New marine decapod crustaceans from waters influenced by hydrothermal discharge, brine, and hydrocarbon

Martin, Joel W., Frank M. Truesdale, and Darryl L. Felder
The megalopa stage of the Gulf stonecrab, Menippe adina Williams and Felder, 1986, with comparison of megalopae in the genus Menippe

Shenker, Jonathan M.
Oceanographic associations of neustonic larval and juvenile fishes and Dungeness crab megalopae off Oregon

Dagg, M. J., P. B. Ortner, and J. Al-Yamani
Winter-time distribution and abundance of copepod nauplii in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Herrnkind, William F., Mark J. Butler Iv, and Richard A. Tankersley
The effects of siltation on recruitment of spiny lobsters, Panulirus argus

Kirkley, James E., and Dale E. Squires
A limited information approach for determining capital stock and investment in a fishery

Polacheck, Tom
Analyses of the relationship between the distribution of searching effort, tuna catches, and dolphin sightings within individual purse seine cruises

Watson, Cheryl, Robert E. Bourke, and Richard W. Brill
A comprehensive theory on the etiology of burnt tuna

Brown-Peterson, Nancy, Peter Thomas, and Connie R. Arnold
Reproductive biology of the spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus, in South Texas


Chen, Che-Tsung, Tzyh-Chang Leu, and Shoou-Jeng Joung
Notes on reproduction in the scalloped hammerhead, Sphyrna lewini, in northeastern Taiwan waters

Collins, Mark R., and Charles A. Wenner
Occurrence of young-of-the-year king Scomberomorus cavalla, and Spanish, S. maculatus, materials in commercial-type shrimp trawls along the Atlantic coast of the southeast United States

Dew, C. Braxton
Stomach contents of commercially caught Hudson River striped bass, Morone saxatilis, 1973-1975

Vernet, Maria, John R. Hunter, and Russell D. Vetter
Accumulation of age pigments (lipofuscin) in two cold-water fishes

Mullin, M. M., and E. R. Brooks
Extractable lipofuscin in larval marine fish

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