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Fishery Bulletin 86(1) Contents

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Loeb, Valerie J., and Omar Rojas
Interannual variation of ichthyoplankton composition and abundance relations of northern Chile, 1964-85

Vetter, E. F.
Estimation of natural mortality in fish stocks: A review

Notarbartolo-Di-Sciara, Guiseppe
Natural history of the rays on the genus Mobula in the Gulf of California

Williams, Austin B.
Notes on decapod and euphausiid crustaceans, continental margin, western Atlantic. Georges Bank to western Florida, USA

Warlen, Stanley M.
Age and growth of larval gulf menhaden, Brevoortia patrionus, in the northern Gulf of Mexico

O'Brien, Loretta, and Ralph K. Mayo
Sources of variation in catch per unit effort of yellowtail flounder, Limanda ferruginea (Storer), harvested off the
coast of New England

McEachron, Lawrence W., Jeff F. Doerzbacher, Gary C. Matlock, Albert W. Green, and Gary E. Saul
Reducing the bycatch in a commercial trotline fishery

Bruce, B. D.
Larval development of blue grenadier, Macruronus novaezelandiae (Hector), in Tasmanian waters

Cowan, James H., Jr., and Richard F. Shaw
The distribution, abundance, and transport of larval sciaenids collected during winter and early spring from the
continental shelf waters off west Louisiana

Hamner, William M., Gregory S. Stone, and Bryan S. Obst
Behavior of southern right whales, Eubalaella australis, feeding on the Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba


Penson, John B., Jr., Ernest O. Tetty, and Wade L. Griffin
An econometric analysis of net investment in Gulf shrimp fishing vessels

Shirley, Susan M., and Thomas C. Shirley
Appendage injury in Dungeness crabs, Cancer magister, in southeastern Alaska

Currens, Kenneth P., Carl B. Schreck, and Hiram W. Li
Reexamination of the use of otolith nuclear dimensions to identify juvenile anadromous and
nonanadromous rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri

Butler, John L., and Darlene Pickett
Age-specific vulnerability of Pacific sardine, Sardillops sagax, larvae to predation by northern anchovy, Engraulis

Epifanio, Charles E., David Goshorn, and Timothy E. Targett
Induction of spawning in the weakfish, Cynoscion regalis

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