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Fishery Bulletin 83(4) Contents

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Parrish, R. H., D. L. Mallicoate, and K. F. Mais
Regional variations in the growth and age composition of northern anchovy, Engraulis mordax

Johnson, Phyllis T.
Parasites of benthic amphipods: microsporidans of Ampelisca agassizi (Judd) and some other gammarideans

Overholtz, William J., and Albert V. Tyler
Long-term responses of the demersal fish assemblages of Georges Bank

Wahlen, Bruce E., and Tim D. Smith
Observer effect on incidental dolphin mortality in the eastern tropical Pacific tuna fishery

Singer, Michael M.
Food habits of juvenile rockfishes (Sebastes) in a central California kelp forest

Read, Andrew J., and David E. Gaskin
Radio tracking the movements and activities of harbor porpoises, Phocoena phocoena (L.), in the Bay of Fundy, Canada

Hohn, Aleta A., and P. S. Hammond
Early postnatal growth of the spotted dolphin, Stenella attenuata, in the offshore eastern tropical Pacific

Brown, R. S., and N. Caputi
Factors affecting the growth of undersize western rock lobster, Panulirus cygnus George, returned by fishermen to the sea

Jamieson, G. S., and A. Campbell
Sea scallop fishing impact on American lobsters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Warlen, Stanley M., and Alexander J. Chester
Age, growth, and distribution of larval spot, Leiostomus xanthurus, off North Carolina

Albers, W. D., and P. J. anderson
Diet of Pacific cod, Gadus macrocephalus, and predation on the northern pink shrimp, Pandalus borealis, in Pavlof Bay, Alaska

Boehlert, George W., Dena M. Gadomski, and Bruce C. Mundy
Vertical distribution of ichthyoplankton off the Oregon coast in spring and summer months

Au, David W. K., and Wayne L. Perryman
Dolphin habitats in the eastern tropical Pacific

Freeman, Mary C., Nate Neally, and Gary D. Grossman
Aspects of the life history of the fluffy sculpin, Oligocottus snyderi

Barlow, Jay
Variability, trends, and biases in reproductive rates of spotted dolphins, Stenella attenuata


Peterson, Charles H., P. Bruce Duncan, Henry C. Summerson, and Brian F. Beal
Annual band deposition within shells of the hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria: consistency across habitat near Cape Lookout, North Carolina

Sullivan, Loretta F., Dennis A. Emiliani, and K. Neal Baxter
Standing stock of juvenile brown shrimp, Penaeus aztecus, in Texas coastal ponds

Thomas, David H.
A possible link between coho (silver) salmon enhancement and a decline in central California Dungeness crab abundance

Feldkamp, Steven D.
The effects of net entanglement on the drag and power output of a California sea lion, Zalophus californianus

Parsons, Glenn R.
Notes on the life history of the catshark, Scyliorhinus meadi

Libby, David A.
A comparison of scale and otolith aging methods for the alewife, Alosa pseudoharengus

Maule, Alec G., and Howard F. Horton
Probable causes of the rapid growth and high fecundity of walleye, Stizostedion vitreum vitreum, in the mid-Columbia River

Taylor, D. M., R. G. Hooper, and G. P. Ennis
Biological aspects of the spring breeding migration of snow crabs, Chionoecetes opilio, in Bonne Bay, Newfoundland (Canada)

Creed, Robert P., Jr.
Feeding, diet, and repeat spawning of blueblack herring, Alosa aestivalis, from the Chowan River, North Carolina


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