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Fishery Bulletin 82(1) Contents

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Ropes, John W., Douglas S. Jones, Steven A. Murawski, Fredric M. Serchuk, and Ambrose Jerald, Jr
Documentation of annual growth lines in ocean quahogs, Arctica islandica Linne

Bowman, Ray E.
Food of silver hake, Merluccius bilinearis

Larson, Ralph J., and Edward E. DeMartini
Abundance and vertical distribution of fishes in a cobble-bottom kelp forest off San Onofre, California

Coyer, James A.
The invertebrate assemblage associated with the giant kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera, at Santa Catalina Island, California: A general description with empasis on amphipods, copepods, mysids, and shrimps

Antonelis, George A., Jr., Clifford H. Fiscus, and Robert L. DeLong
Spring and summer prey of California sea lions, Zalophus californianus, at San Miguel Island, California, 1978-1979

Griswold, Carolyn A., and Thomas W. McKenney
Larval development of the scup, Stenotomus chrysops (Pisces: Sparidae)

Hettler, William F.
Description of eggs, larvae, and early juveniles of gulf menhaden, Breuoortia patronus, and comparisons with Atlantic menhaden, B. tryannus, and yellowfin menhaden, B. smithi

Barnett, Arthur M., Andrew E. Jahn, Peter D. Sertic, and William Watson
Distribution of ichthyoplankton off San Onofre, California, and methods for sampling very shallow coastal waters

McGurk, Michael D.
Ring deposition in the otoliths of larval Pacific herring, Clupea harengus pallasi

Macdonald, J. Stevenson, Michael J. Dadswell, Ralph G. Appy, Gary D. Melvin, and David A. Metheven
Fishes, fish assemblages, and their seasonal movements in the lower Bay of Fundy and Passamaquoddy Bay, Canada

Tilseth, S., and B. Ellertsen
The detection and distribution of larval Arcto-Norwegian cod, Gadus morhua, food organisms by an in situ particle counter

Ewing, R. D., C. E. Hart, C. A. Fustich, and Greg Concannon
Effects of size and time of release on seaward migrations of spring chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Campana, Steven E.
Interactive effects of age and environmental modifiers on the production of daily growth increments in otoliths of plainfin midshipman, Porichthys notatus

Love, Milton S., Gerald E. McGowen, William Westphal, Robert J. Lavenberg, and Linda Martin
Aspects of the life history and fishery of the white croaker, Genyonemus lineatus (Sciaenidae), off California

Morris, Pamela A.
Feeding habits of blacksmith, Chromis punctipinnis, associated with a thermal outfall

Myrick, Albert C., Jr., Edward W. Shallenberger, Ingrid Kang, and David B. MacKay
Calibration of dental layers in seven captive Hawaiian spinner dolphins, Stenella longirostris, based on tetracycline labeling

Ross, Steve W.
Reproduction of the banded drum, Larimus fasciatus, in North Carolina


Schmitt, P. D.
Marking growth increments in otoliths of larval and juvenile fish by immersion in tetracycline to examine the rate of increment formation

Ennis, G. P.
Tag-recapture validation of molt and egg extrusion predictions based upon pleopod examination in the American lobster, Homarus americanus

Ennis, G. P.
Comparison of physiological and functional size-maturity relationships in two Newfoundland populations of lobsters Homarus americanus

Echeverria, Tina, and William H. Lenarz
Conversions between total, fork, and standard lengths in 35 species of Sebastes from California

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