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Fishery Bulletin 79(3) Contents

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Pietsch, Theodore W.
The osteology and relationships of the anglerfish genus Tetrabrachium with comments on lophiiform classification

Haynes, Evan
Early zoeal stages of Lebbeus polaris, Eualus suckleyi, E. fabricii, Spirontocaris arcuata, S. ochotensis, and Heptacarpus camtschaticus (Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea, Hippolytidae) and morphological characterization of zoeae of Spirontocaris and related genera

Medved, Robert J., and Joseph A. Marshall
Feeding behavior and biology of young sandbar sharks, Carcharhinus plumbeus (Pisces, Carcharhinidae), in Chincoteague Bay, Virginia

Robinson, William E., William E. Wehling, M. Patricia Morse, and Guy C. McLeod
Seasonal changes in soft-body component indices and energy reserves in the Atlantic deep-sea scallop, Placopecten magellanicus

Tanaka, Kuniaki, Yasuo Mugiya, and Juro Yamada
Effects of photoperiod and feeding on daily growth patterns in otoliths of juvenile Tilapia nilotica

Pitcher, Kenneth W.
Prey of the Steller sea lion, Eumetopias jubatus, in the Gulf of Alaska

Neves, Richard J.
Offshore distribution of alewife, Alosa pseudoharengus, and blueback herring, Alosa aestivalis, along the Atlantic coast

Andryszak, Bryan L., and Robert H. Gore
The complete larval development in the laboratory of Micropanope sculptipes (Crustacea, Decapoda, Xanthidae) with a comparison of larval characters in western Atlantic xanthid genera

Wahle, Roy J., and Ed Chaney
Establishment of nonindigenous runs of spring chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, in the Wind River drainage of the Columbia River, 1955-63

Wankowski, J. W. J.
Estimated growth of surface-schooling skipjack tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis, and yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares, from the Papua New Guinea region

Love, Milton S., and William V. Westphal
Growth, reproduction, and food habits of olive rockfish, Sebastes serranoides, of central California

DeMartini, E. E., and Robert K. Fountain
Ovarian cycling frequency and batch fecundity in the queenfish, Seriphus politus: attributes representative of serial spawning fishes


Goldberg, Stephen R.
Seasonal spawning cycle of the black croaker, Cheilotrema saturnum (Sciaenidae)

Antonelis, George A., Jr., Stephen Leatherwood, and Daniel K. Odell
Population growth and censuses of the northern elephant seal, Mirounga angustirostris, on the California Channel Islands, 1958-78

Errata for above paper

Brege, Dean A.
Growth characteristics of young-of-the-year walleye, Stizostedion vitreum vitreum, in John Day Reservoir on the Columbia River, 1979

Holt, Joan, Robert Godbout, and C. R. Arnold
Effects of temperature and salinity on egg hatching and larval survival of red drum, Sciaenops ocellata

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