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Fishery Bulletin 114(3)

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Walker, Justin H., Arthur C. Trembanis, and Douglas C. Miller
Assessing the use of a camera system within an autonomous underwater vehicle for monitoring the distribution and density of sea scallops (Placopecten magellanicus) in the Mid-Atlantic Bight
Published online 26 April 2016

Van Noord, Joel E., Robert J. Olson, Jessica V. Redfern, Leanne M. Duffy, and Ronald S. Kaufmann
Oceanographic influences on the diet of 3 surface-migrating myctophids in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean
Published online 28 April 2016

Caldarone, Elaine M., Sharon A. MacLean, and Brian R. Beckman
Evaluation of nucleic acids and plasma IGF1 levels for estimating short-term responses of postsmolt Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) to food availability
Published online 3 May 2016

LeClair, Larry L., Ocean Eveningsong, and Jesse M. Schultz
Seasonal changes in abundance and compelling evidence of migration for 2 rockfish species (Sebastes auriculatus and S. caurinus) inhabiting a nearshore, temperate-water artificial reef
Published online 6 May 2016
Supplementary Table (doi:10.7755/FB.114.3.4s

Goldman, Sarah F., Dawn M. Glasgow, and Michelle M. Falk
Feeding habits of 2 reef-associated fishes, red porgy (Pagrus pagrus) and gray triggerfish (Balistes capriscus), off the southeastern United States
Published online 26 May 2016
Supplementary Tables (doi:10.7755/FB.114.3.5s

Syah, Achmad F., Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Irene D. Alabia, and Toru Hirawake
Predicting potential fishing zones for Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) with maximum entropy models and remotely sensed data
Published online 2 June 2016

Stevens, Bradley G., and Vincent Guida
Depth and temperature distribution, morphometrics, and sex ratios of red deepsea crab (Chaceon quinquedens) at 4 sampling sites in the Mid-Atlantic Bight
Published online 2 June 2016

Weinberg, Kenneth L., Cynthia Yeung, David A. Somerton, Grant G. Thompson, and Patrick H. Ressler
Is the survey selectivity curve for Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) dome-shaped? Direct evidence from trawl studies
Published online 14 June 2016

Supplementary Text (doi:10.7755/FB.114.3.8s)

Short contribution

Willey, Angel L., Linda S. Barker, and Mark Sampson
A comparison of circle hook and J hook performance in the recreational shark fishery off Maryland
Published online 21 June 2016

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