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Fishery Bulletin 102(4) Contents

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Calambokidis, John, Gretchen H. Steiger, David K. Ellifrit, Barry L. Troutman, and C. Edward Bowlby
Distribution and abundance of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) and other marine mammals off the northern Washington coast

Danilewicz, Daniel, Juan A. Claver, Alejo L. Pérez Carrera, Eduardo R. Secchi, and Nelson F. Fontoura
Reproductive biology of male franciscanas (Pontoporia blainvillei) (Mammalia: Cetacea) from Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil

Fischer, Andrew J., M. Scott Baker Jr., and Charles A. Wilson
Red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) demographic structure in the northern Gulf of Mexico based on spatial patterns in growth rates and morphometrics

FitzGerald, Jennifer L., Simon R. Thorrold, Kevin M. Bailey, Annette L. Brown, and Kenneth P. Severin
Elemental signatures in otoliths of larval walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) from the northeast Pacific Ocean

Gaughan, Daniel J., Timothy I. Leary, Ronald W. Mitchell, and Ian W. Wright
A sudden collapse in distribution of Pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax) off southwestern Australia enables an objective re-assessment of biomass estimates

Griffiths, Shane P., Ron J. West, Andy R. Davis, and Ken G. Russell
Fish recolonization in temperate Australian rockpools: a quantitative experimental approach

Hesp, S. Alexander, Ian C. Potter, and Sonja R. M. Schubert
Factors influencing the timing and frequency of spawning and fecundity of the goldlined seabream (Rhabdosargus sarba) (Sparidae) in the lower reaches of an estuary

Maxwell, Michael R., Annette Henry, Christopher D. Elvidge, Jeffrey Safran, Vinita R. Hobson, Ingrid Nelson, Benjamin T. Tuttle, John B. Dietz, and John R. Hunter
Fishery dynamics of the California market squid (Loligo opalescens), as measured by satellite remote sensing

Murray, Kimberly T.
Magnitude and distribution of sea turtle bycatch in the sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) dredge fishery in two areas of the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, 2001–2002

Snover, Melissa L., and Aleta A. Hohn
Validation and interpretation of annual skeletal marks in loggerhead (Caretta caretta) and Kemp’s ridley (Lepidochelys kempii) sea turtles

Stehlik, Linda L., Robert A. Pikanowski, and Donald G. McMillan
The Hudson-Raritan Estuary as a crossroads for distribution of blue (Callinectes sapidus), lady (Ovalipes ocellatus), and Atlantic rock (Cancer irroratus) crabs

Stevens, Melissa M., Allen H. Andrews, Gregor M. Cailliet, Kenneth H. Coale, and Craig C.
Lundstrom Radiometric validation of age, growth, and longevity for the blackgill rockfish (Sebastes melanostomus)

Tolan, James M., and David A. Newstead
Descriptions of larval, prejuvenile, and juvenile finescale menhaden (Brevoortia gunteri) (family Clupeidae), and comparisons to gulf menhaden (B. patronus)

Uchikawa, Kazuhisa, John R. Bower, Yasuko Sato, and Yasunori Sakurai
Diet of the minimal armhook squid (Berryteuthis anonychus) (Cephalopoda: Gonatidae) in the northeast Pacific during spring

Weinberg, Kenneth L., Robert S. Otto, and David A. Somerton
Capture probability of a survey trawl for red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus)


Kerstetter, David W., Jeffery J. Polovina, and John E. Graves
Evidence of shark predation and scavenging on fishes equipped with pop-up satellite archival tags

Vladimir V. Laptikhovsky
Survival rates of rays discarded by the bottom trawl squid fishery off the Falkland Islands

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