Stock Assessment Program Review 2014

Housed at NOAA headquarters, the Office of Science and Technology (ST) is a liaison among NMFS’ field scientists and NOAA/NMFS leadership. The Office is responsible for coordinating and helping to frame the direction of science programs at the national level and across NMFS’ science centers. In conjunction with NMFS’ Chief Scientist, six Science Center Directors, and three Senior Scientists, ST leadership helps prioritize and direct funding of the science activities undertaken by the agency, as well as the management of several national programs. Stock assessments are demographic analyses designed to provide scientific advice to fishery managers, and are a leading science priority for the agency and for ST. Thus, ST manages and supports numerous stock assessment-related activities at the national level, including strategic planning, quality assurance, data collection, research and development, education and training, and assessment tracking, reporting, communication, and outreach. This is not intended to be an in-depth review of a particular stock assessment, and, given ST’s role in coordinating programs and guiding science at the national level, this review will focus more on ST’s support for, coordination of, and communication of assessment science throughout NMFS, rather than on the conduct of stock assessments.


Redbanded Rockfish (Sebastes babcocki)