Fishery Information Networks (FINs) Program Review

Fisheries information networks (FINs) are regional co-operative state-federal programs to design, implement and conduct marine fisheries statistics data collection programs and to integrate those data into a single data management system that will meet the needs of fishery managers, scientist, and fishermen.

At the Office of Science and Technology’s 2013 review, the independent panel will learn about the FINs' many partners (in particular, state partners), the relationship between the FINs and NOAA Fisheries and how the FINs are meeting national and regional data needs for stock assessments from the federal perspective.  From that foundation, the panel will provide technical input on improving fisheries data.  Combined with evaluations conducted at the science centers, the information collected at all program reviews will be shared to learn from the successes and challenges found across the nation.




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  • September 9-12, 2013
  • Governor Hotel, Portland, OR

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