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Office of Science & Technology Economics & Human Dimensions Program Agenda

September 26-28, 2017

8727 Colesville Road
Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910


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Welcome and Overview
9:00 am

Welcome and Introductions

Science Program Review Process

Ned Cyr, Director

Cisco Werner

Fisheries Priorities and Annual Guidance for 2017 


ST Strategic Science Plan
9:10 am

Terms of Reference

Doug Lipton, Senior Economist, NMFSTerms Of Reference
9:15 amOverview of the Office of Science and TechnologyNed Cyr, Director
9:30 amOverview of Economics and Human Dimensions ProgramRita Curtis, Division Chief

NOAA Social Science Needs Assessment Report FINAL

NOAA_Social Science Needs Assessment Report-NMFS Appendix only

Fisheries Economics: Commercial Fisheries 

Commercial Fisheries Economics Documents
10:00 am

Commercial Fisheries Program Overview

Drew Kitts

10:45 am


11:00 amCommercial Fisheries Program Overview (cont.)Drew Kitts
11:30 amSpotlight topic:  FishSetAlan Haynie, AFSC
12:00 pmLunch  
1:15 pmPanel Discussion on Commercial Fisheries

Kelly Denit, Office of Sustainable Fisheries

José Montañez, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Vishwanie Maharaj, World Wildlife Fund

Anne Hawkins, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Fisheries Economics: Recreational FisheriesRecreational Fisheries Economics Links
1:45 pmRecreational Fisheries Program OverviewSabrina LovellFact Sheets:
2:15 pmSpotlight topic - BLAST Model

Min-Yang Lee, NEFSC

Applying a Bioeconomic Model to
Recreational Fisheries Management: Groundfish in the Northeast United States
2:45 pmSpotlight topic - NOWCASTINGDavid W. Carter, SEFSC
3:00 pmBreak  
3:15 pmNational Saltwater Recreational Action Agenda

Russell Dunn,

National Policy Advisor for Recreational Fisheries

3:30 pmPanel Discussion on Recreational Fisheries 

Jorge Holzer, University of Maryland

Jason Didden, MAFMC

Russell Dunn, NMFS

Mike Leonard, American Sportfishing Association  

4:00 pmPublic Comment  
4:15 pmWork session for Review Panel

Panel Members only

5:00 pmAdjourn
5:00 pmSocial Hour,  McGinty’s Public House. 911 Ellsworth Dr, Silver Spring, MD

Participant Teleconference Line: 800-779-6389
Participant Passcode: 8811710

Event number: 392 265 670
Event password: NOAA
Website: https://noaaevents2.webex.com/noaaevents2/onstage/g.php?MTID=e05c284df28be002d6a3f64f606e6e285

TimeTopicPresenter Related Documents
Human Dimensions
8:30 amHuman Dimensions Program OverviewTrish Clay, NEFSC 
9:00 amSpotlight Topic: Social Indicators

Lisa Colburn, NEFSC

Ecosystem Research
9:30 amOverview of Ecosystem Services Research and InitiativesDoug Lipton
9:45 amEconomics & National Standard 1David Tomberlin
10:15 amBreak  
10:30 am

Ecosystem Services Valuation Overview

Kristy Wallmo

10:45 am

Spotlight Topic on Protected Species Valuation

Kristy Wallmo
11:15 amSpotlight Topic: Habitat ResearchDavid Tomberlin
11:30 amSpotlight Topic: ACLIMAlan Haynie, AFSC
12:00 pm Panel discussion on Ecosystem Research

Becky Shuford, OST, NMFS

Kenric Osgood, OST, NMFS

Rebecca Lent, Marine Mammal Commission

12:30 pm Lunch
Communication and Outreach
1:30 pmCommunication Strategies and Products

Avi Litwack

Laura Oremland

Leadership Role of OST for the National Program

2:00 pm National Leadership in Supporting Research and PolicyDoug Lipton
2:15 pm Panel Discussion: Views from the Science CentersProgram Leads
3:00 pmBreak  
3:15 pmPublic Comment 
3:30 pm

Future Direction of National Program and Closing Thoughts

Doug Lipton

4:00 pm

Closed work session- Review Panel

5:00 pmAdjourn  
TimeTopicPresenterRelated Documents
9:00 amClosed work session Review Panel 
12:00 pm Lunch  
1:00 pm

Presentation of Reviewer Comments to Management

  Closed to Public
3:00 pmAdjourn