Ecosystem Science Program Review

Housed at NOAA headquarters, the Office of Science and Technology (ST) is a liaison among NMFS’ field scientists and NOAA/NMFS leadership. The Office is responsible for coordinating and helping to frame the direction of science programs at the national level and across NMFS’ Science Centers. In conjunction with NMFS’ Chief Scientist, six Science Center Directors, and three Senior Scientists, ST leadership helps prioritize and direct funding of the science activities undertaken by the agency, as well as the management of several national programs.

The objective for this review is to evaluate the current scientific programs of ST that are directed to provide information relative to the management, protection and restoration of resilient and productive ecosystems.  Here we define ecosystem-related science programs as those elucidating ecological, oceanographic, climate and habitat related processes as they are related to living marine resource species.  In addition, these reviews will assess the extent to which current science programs are focused on the priority information needs required to complete the NMFS mission. 




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